When it comes to designing a room, men tend to use the vocabulary of automobiles and hotels. Men generally like fine leather, handcrafted wood, unique stitching and polished metals in their bedrooms, as well as their cars.

Here are some tips from Houzz for designing a bachelor pad:


Consider lifestyle

Your lifestyle is important because this will focus investment and determine layout. A man who travels a lot may wish to focus on communicating this with a dramatic photograph, but another who watches TV in bed may want an amazing audio-visual setup instead.

Use neutral colours

Neutral colours tend to work well with male tastes, so sticking to greys, blacks and whites is a good idea.

Display your stuff

Men tend to collect things and they usually want to display all of these items too. Consider how this display can fit into the design because it will look better if your surfboard has a tailored spot than if you simply stand it in the corner.

Source: http://www.houzz.com/ideabooks/11496431/list/Design-It-Like-a-Man–Tips-for-Single-Guys-Planning-a-Bedroom