Designing a nursery for a baby is part of nesting and you’ll want to give the best you can to your infant. Choose to decorate with a theme that’ll last for longer as your child grows up. Here are some tips from Houzz for creating a nursery with style:

Choose fun wallpaper

A nursery can be more bold and daring than other rooms in the house and the wallpaper offers a good starting point. Try and find a fun pattern instead of a cartoon character that your child will quickly grow out of.


Use bold patterns

Bold geometric patterns are good for babies because they help to stimulate the senses and aid cognitive development.

Add large stuffed animals

Large stuffed animals can be great for kids because it gives them something to hug. This will also set the tone of the room.

Use the palette to create the theme

In a babies room repetition is one of the most effective tools. By repeating the colours of your chosen palette in stripes and dots you can create a fun theme with little effort.