As televisions and computers have got cheaper it has become more common for people to lie in bed with a laptop or television on before they go to sleep. Using TVs and computers before bed can actually prevent you from getting a good night of sleep, however. This article considers why you should avoid using computers and televisions before you drift off to sleep.

Over Activity

It may not seem this way, but televisions and computers require too much activity before you go to sleep. Whilst you may be relaxing your body, televisions, computers and even mobile phones require you to utilise your mental functions and this can be counterproductive to getting a good night of sleep. By utilising your brain before you sleep you are actually waking yourself up and your mental activities will prevent you from falling into a deep sleep.

Light Disruption

When you sleep your room should be very dark and all lights should be turned off. Utilising televisions and computers creates light that disturbs your rest because it prevents the production of melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that is produced during sleep and helps to maintain a healthy body and mind. Even a small amount of light can prevent the production of melatonin and leave you restless whilst you sleep.

Fire Hazards

Your bedroom should be a safe and well protected location, but when you introduce televisions and computers into your room it creates a fire hazard. Falling asleep with a laptop in your bed, for example, creates a significant danger. An overheated computer will quickly set fire to a pillow or mattress and put your life in significant danger, so keeping electronics like this away from your bedroom is a sensible step to take.

Making Every Minute Count

The other problem with watching television in bed is that it is tempting to keep on watching until beyond when you should really be sleeping. Whilst it is easy to make the decision to go upstairs and stop watching TV, when you are just lying still it can be very difficult to make the decision to stop watching an exciting show. With episodes of your favourite show to hand, it is easy to reduce your sleep by several hours and you will suffer for this the next day.

Creating Associations

The body and mind creates associations with particular places and it is important to utilise this to your advantage. If your bed and bedroom is used only for sleep and intimacy then your mind will immediately become more restful when you get into your bed. Watching TV and playing games online, however, will introduce another spectrum of feelings and emotions. By engaging with these forms of mental stimulus you will be creating connections of frustration, worry and stress in your bedroom too and this will damage your sleeping patterns.

Body Temperature

Another effect of using a bright screen before you sleep is to prevent your body temperature from dropping as effectively when you sleep. A bright screen makes your brain react as if it was daytime and the sun was shining. The effect of this is that your body feels the need to be ready to react and wake up, so your body will not relax properly and your body temperature will remain higher. Maintaining this higher temperature requires energy and keeps your body active, preventing you from sleeping properly.